Please Vote To Re-Elect Me As Your Groton Selectman May 17

JoshDegen_2015-02-24Spring means Election Season is upon us again and I am asking you to support my re-election to the Groton Board of Selectmen.

This is my third full term, but there’s still a lot to do. I have been part of many exciting — and some less than exciting — issues and solutions since you, my Groton friends, neighbors, and constituents re-elected me three years ago.

These last three years, and in the six before that, I have tried to be scrupulously fair and to be fiscal responsible in all matters. I admit that working with my fellow Selectman and the Town Manager has been a struggle at times as well, but I have never abdicated nor abstained from representing you. I do my homework before every meeting so I can serve your interests, and the best interests of the Town of Groton, effectively.

Know that when you vote for me, I hold myself accountable to you. I will not rubber stamp any issue with my vote. I will keep the concerns of our taxpayers and employees in mind with all financial decisions. We are rapidly achieving a financial cliff where, if we go over, some Groton residents will not be able to afford to live in our beautiful town. Collectively all your Selectmen, Town Manager, employees on both the municipal and school sides, and all residents must strike a balance that works for all of us and keeps our town’s costs and services in balance and sustainable for all.

I pledge that if re-elected, I will foster the required balance among all these competing entities. We need strong leadership and I try very hard to provide that for Groton. Your support will keep sound, experienced leadership on the Groton Board of Selectman.

Please vote for me for Selectman on May 17.

This is probably the smallest campaign website you will ever see, I know. I’m running on my record, and if you are a Groton resident, you know I have strongly advocated for fair, open, and fiscally responsible government for nine years, as shown in news stories in The Groton Herald, The Groton Line, and the Lowell Sun papers.

Instead of putting up Web pages describing my position, I invite you to send me an email at or pick up the phone to chat. I’m at 978 815 0079, and you can always reach out with questions on the issues because I am your selectman.

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